Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Celebrity Crushes of 2008

We all have that childhood actor/actress/musician/etc. who will always hold a special place in our hearts, but each year there is a new crop of headline-making celebs who make us think "I wonder what it would be like to make out with them!?!" So who are your Celebrity Crushes of 2008? Mine are as follows:

1. Sarah Silverman
2. Morgan Webb
3. Jenna Fischer
4. Kristin Wiig
5. Rachael Maddow

What's your Top Five?


kbmulder said...

1. Robert Pattinson - Edward from the Twilight movie.
2. Jonathan Rhys Myers - The Tudors is so sexy!
3. Neil Patrick Harris - Yes, I had a crush on him in Doogie too, but I really enjoy him as Barney on How I met your mother.
4. Seth Rogen - Funny and cute, just how I like them.
5. Spencer Pratt - Just Kidding!

Lyman said...

Good to see I'm not the only one with a gay person on their list, awesome.

And Seth Rogen? Another okay-looking chubby guy. That rocks.

Special K said...

1. Don Draper
2. Edward/Robert Pattinson
3. Joel McHale
4. Andy Samberg (what is it like to kiss that guy? Gross? Maybe...)
5. Tina Fey

kbmulder said...

If Tina Fey is on your list, that automatically includes her look-alike Sarah Palin!!

Special K said...


Caitlin said...

1. Lee Pace (Piemaker -- yum!)
2. Anne Hathaway
3. James McAvoy
4. Christina Hendricks (Joan from Mad Men)
5. Christian Bale

clterry said...

I agree with Kathy, Tina Fey!!

1.Kenny Chesney-has to keep the cowboy hat on though while in bed
2.Will Smith-love him
3.Justin Timberlake-funny and hot
4.Neil Patrick Harris
5.Keith Urban-sexy