Monday, March 31, 2008

Top Five Comedy Characters in Television

Well, you readers aren't nearly as potentially violent as I thought you were. I thought for sure everyone had a secret list of people they'd like to fight... Anyway! How about your favorite comedy characters on tv (living or dead)? And, hold your horses, we'll do drama characters soon.

1. Lucy by Lucille Ball
2. anyone by Carol Burnett
3. George Costanza by Jason Alexander
4. Jeeves by Stephen Fry
5. Cartman

Tip o' the hat to KHM for the idea!

Friday, March 14, 2008

People you could take in a fight

In Fight Club, they talk about who they could take in a fight - Shatner seems to be the dude dudes want to take on - I guess taking Captain Kirk would be quite a coup. It seems that in this question, you want to come up with what would be a Good Fight, not an easy one. For me, people would either take me out pretty fast, or there might be some prolonged slapping and hair pulling, hence my list:

Renee Zelweger - she's little, but she's in good shape. I think it'd be fair, but I could take her.
Martin Short - as Jiminy Glick
Emma Thompson
Keira Knightley - I snap her like a twig
Claire Danes - I beat her, then force feed her a hamburger

Actually, it's more likely they'll all kick my ass. OK, don't embarrass me by not listing your TOP FIVE.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Warm Weather Destinations

It's been a long, cold winter here in Chicago, and it ain't over yet. Folks what's smart and lucky split down round 'bout February (I make my move for CA tomorrow). This weekend we're throwing a Winter Luau just to pretend like we're anywhere but here. Maybe this is a torturous exercise, but I like to look at it as creative fantasizing - list your top five fantasy warm weather destinations:

1. The French Riviera - never been there. Looks nice.

2. Cancun - that was our February escape a few years ago. Did nothing but lay on the beach under a thatched umbrella while people brought us pina coladas every half hour.

3. Costa Rica - our amazing beach front hotel in Montezuma had grounds filled with hammocks. Guess what we did all day.

4. This place

5. And this place. Oh. Yeah.