Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thanksgiving Traditions

For some people it's cranberry sauce, right out of the can, for others, it might be a annoying relative giving you a squeeze and informing everyone you've gained weight. What're your top five things without which it just wouldn't be Thanksgiving?


Special K said...

1. Ever since we moved to Chicago, we've been celebrating Thanksgiving with friends - it's just doesn't feel right if there's not a big table full of people!
2. Stuffing. OMG, I love stuffing so much.
3. Me getting stressed out/annoyed about someone watching football.
4. Playing some kind of game - this year, chances are it'll be Rock Band.
5. Wine. Lots of it.

Lyman said...

1. Sweet Potatoes
2. Stuffing
3. Football
4. Wine/Beer
5. Leftover Turkey sandwiches with plenty of mayo

Penny said...

1. I love having a baby to watch
and love!
2. Some of my kids around. I know
I can't have it all, all the
time, I'm grateful for who I
get each holiday.
3. Good friends to laugh with.
4. As little smoke as possible from
the stove area!
5. Noodles!

Carrie said...

1. Wine- never too much
2. Sweeet Potatoes without marshmallows
3. Pumpkin anything
4. Friends who treat us like family - or family I like as well as my friends - you know who you are
5. Eating dinner with my husband.

kbmulder said...

1. Thanksgiving prayer
2.Dinner at the bar (although this year it's at Aunt Sandy's instead)
3. Sweet potatoes - with marshmallows!!
4. Some sort of cranberry salad - not in the can!
5. My mother-in-law's coconut cream pie

Caitlin said...

1) celebrating with our chosen family here in IL. There is nothing better than a warm, loving, non-stressful holiday with good food, and good friends.
2)brussels sprouts!
3)wine wine wine!
4)NOT WATCHING FOOTBALL but having it on in the background, and making fun of the people who ARE watching it.
5)Eating WAAAAAY too much.

KHM said...

1. Kitchen smells all day long.
2. Football noise (duh--of course I don't watch but its gotta be on) AND a new movie for the post-dinner coma.
3. Pecan pie
3a.. Cheeseball
4. White wine
5. Home baked bread
6. Pretty flowers all over the house.

Yeah. I'm kinda' demanding about Thanksgiving.

Lym: Beth Ann used to make homemade mayo the day after Thanksgiving and she'd make her turkey sandwiches with that, leftover rolls from dinner (see #5)and a teeny bit of cranberry relish...try it... She also would save half of her cheseball or so and put it on her bagels as long as it lasted.

DAD said...

(not in any certain order)#1- Turning the TV on and watching or listening to a Thanksgiving Day Parade, mainly just having the TV on!...#2-Waiting till the last minute to "clean-up", just before family and friends show up or it's time to walk out the door....#3-Trimming the Turkey! (someone has to do it!)...#4- Watching Football on Thanksgiving Day...#5- Probably something I don't do enough of...GIVE THANKS TO GOD...(and may I also include...taking a NAP!!!)....HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE

Special K said...

Daddy, you've outdone yourself (again)! But, I think you mean "mutilating the turkey"????? (: